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Hannes Sonnenschein, Sweden:

My name is Hannes Sonnenschein from Sweden and I am a student of the Polish language and culture at UKSW, Warsaw. I would like to warmly recommend UKSW’s faculty of language for foreigners and its language courses and culture related education.

A few years ago I met a Polish woman that today is my fiancé. I soon realized that it would be a good idea to study my wife-to-be’s language. After a search process online I found several schools of the Polish language in Warsaw, but UKSW seemed right from the beginning to be the best one. The administrative personal at the faculty of language for foreigners was very attentive to my needs and request and very fast designed a custom language and culture education perfectly suitable for my needs.

I have started my studies during the summer of 2013 and could learn Polish in modern classrooms in a vibrant university campus surrounded by nature in a quite, but easy to reach by public transportation, part of Warsaw.

At all time, I met professional teachers and staff that always showed a genuine interest in my study process and helped me with every difficulty. After all, Polish is not the easiest language in the world, to say the least, but with my teachers help I succeeded in obtaining both the A1 and the A2 language certificate within two months of coming to Poland.

Learning a new language is not only about words and grammar, it is also about the cultural context as well. UKSW arranged for me and for my co-students exciting and informative cultural lectures, guided tours of Warsaw and its history and other cultural and social activities that were very informative but also great fun and left me with great memories for life.

So, if you want to study the Polish language and culture in a modern, friendly and professional environment in Warsaw – UKSW is the best choice.

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