Intensive Polish language courses for Erasmus students (EILC )

We invite Erasmus students from abroad for a monthly intensive course of Polish language. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme).* The objective of the course is effective studying of Polish language on the appropriate level combined with presentation of some topics concerning Polish history and culture, in particular, becoming familiar with the historical and contemporary Warsaw through attractive tourist and cultural programme, as well as meetings with the students of our university. The particicpants take part in the course of Polish on a particular level and develop their speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading skills.

The didactic programme is realized through the language classes, phonetic exercises in the language laboratory, which is available for individual work of the student. The supplement to the programme is practical communication in the Polish language during the walks around Warsaw. The condition of getting a credit of the language component the student has to pass a module of mandatory classes. Assessment of the student’s achievements is tested during and on the completion of the course.

The School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners offers Polish as a foreign language courses on two levels of proficiency:

  1. The programme of teaching Polish on the level for beginners involves introduction of basic communicative situations, practising of Polish phonetics, practising functional Polish language in everyday situations (e.g. greetings, introducing oneself, asking for directions and location, interests, expressing opinion, simple dialogues in a shop, telling short stories), writing short texts (situational dialogues, short stories).
  2. The programme of teaching Polish on the intermediate level involves mastering of the students’ language skills; developing their linguistic competence in the area of complex utterances, comprehension of longer written texts (press articles, popular-scientific, scientific, and literary texts) and natural spoken texts (recording of radio programmes and songs, fragments of films); developing the skill of writing functional texts (formal and informal letters, a letter of application, curriculum vitae), and longer literary texts (a story) as well as informative texts (reports, a coverage).

The participants of the course are assigned to the language level groups on the basis of a written entry test on the first day of the course.



We also offer lectures and audio-visual presentations in English and Polish about the Polish history, tourism, the contemporary Polish literature, the history of Polish literature and Polish art (music and visual arts).

The programme of the course is enriched by drama and film workshops.

During the drama workshops, their participants under the guidance of a theatre director prepare a performance of one scene, which is later presented as a part of the drama scenes show taking place at the ceremony closing the course.

The film workshops involve shows of the chosen recent Polish films and Polish documentaries (with English subtitles), which are organized in the UKSW cinema room, and are preceded with introduction , and closed with a debate, which is led by a films expert.

Practical classes are part of the programme – the walks around Warsaw, which enable the students to learn the history and everyday life of the city; there are also evening outings to Warsaw artistic events.


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